BUSY IS B.S.  Caca del toro if you will.  The truth is we make time for the things we consider to be important.  When we don’t make time for something and/or defer it till later the message is, it’s “less” important.  Less being the operative word.  It is a form of degradation

When someone stands someone else up the message to them is they’re “not important”.  Or the other person is more important because your time is not important.  You have nothing to do with your time other than wait for them.  They are trying to control your time and degrade you simueltaneously.   Remember, they have to make an appointment with you before they can stand you up.  They have to hire you before they can fire you.  Or imply you might get something before they can deny you it. (wimmen)

They have a need to degrade.  There is a sense that we are in a competition.  If we can’t advance we don’t want the other guy to advance.  If it appears this will happen people put energy into blocking the advance….by degrading what the other person is doing…..like finding fault, criticizing or wasting time.

I have said this before and I say it here again….POWER TRIPS  are revealed in time and space.  They are characterized by someone wasting another person’s time and energy.  The NEED to degrade by exercising power is born in weakness.

Those with authentic power use it only when necessary.  Those with out authentic or artificial power the only thing they have left is the power of denial.  The less power a person has the more anxious they are to exercise it. 

The power of denial identifies the in-adequate.  It’s how they make themselves feel important…..special maybe…….

….might not die.

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