Gary Sukove wrote in his best selling book, SEAT of the SOUL.  According to him there are two kinds of power, authentic and artificial. 


 He sez that people with authentic power produce a product such as art, music, etc.


Artificial is things like money, guns etc. (maybe sex and drugs)  


Those with niether authentic or artificial, the only power left to them is the power of denial.  How about a kiss honey?  Not now.  Think of the police or the parking lot attendant.

The NEED  to exercise power is rooted in inadequacy and indicates doubts about it.  People with artificial power are anxious to exercise it.  The less they have the more anxious they are to exercise it.  There are people who get into a cab so they can tell someone what to do.  Roll up the window driver and turn left here.  I’m not the driver. I am the Capt of the cab.  I don’t need your help to do my job.  I’ll turn left when I want and it’s “puleeze” roll up the window.

Those with artificial and the power of denial need to destroy those with authentic power.  They are a threat.  They make them look bad.

DENIAL identifies the inadequate

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