When I got home one night I switched on the T.V.  “Nightline” with Ted Koppel was on.  I always considered Nightline to be a propraganda organ.
Ted was very excited.  That got my interest.  It wasn’t often Teddy got excited.
I thought this oughtta’ be good so I fired up some herbal supplement to enhance the experience.
Seems Ted had a guy on the show that said, “aliens” from outer space were already here.  I took a hit.  The reason we couldn’t see them was because they were so small.  I exhaled and thought, what are microbes?
Can you imagine, Ted Koppel, on Night Line feeding us propaganda, claiming aliens from outter space are already here.  What is our government trying to tell us and why?
Ted brings this guy out who repeats, “they’re here”.  Then they showed some animation of the earth cooling.  Meteors were crashing into the crust and debries were flying off into space.  Then they showed meteors crashing into other planets (Mars) and those debries landing on earth.
Then they said someone at NASA had coughed onto a mirror.  When it returned from space the germs were still alive proveing that life could survive the radiation of space travel.  I can’t believe what I’m hearing.  I took another hit.
Then the guy sez;  “If we are the only intelligent life in the universe, it’s up to us to populate the universe”.  That was it, the beginning of the end I thought.  Sounded like moral justification to me.  Manifest destiny, etc.  Ask the indians about that.
Imagine if that was true?  What would it be like a thousand years from now, or ten thousand years?  Eventually earth would be known as “Mother Earth”.  The people who had lived there would be known as “first earther’s”.  Then I thought, first earther sez;  “… first, don’t pollute the universe”.
Being an artist I thought we would need a sign or symbol to signfy us.  I thought about earth being called the blue planet.  At the most basic level of communication, shape and color I concieved a simple design, a blue dot representing earth on a black background, representing space.
I call it the ‘EARTH FLAG’.  The symbol for us.

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