Once there was an artist who was so poor he ended up living in his car.  One day they passed a law saying that you must buy auto insurance.  He couldn’t afford to feed himself let alone put gas in the car and buy insurance.  So he went and parked his car in the woods and lived in it for years.

Then they passed another law, saying everybody MUST buy health insurance.  He couldn’t afford that either.  One day the police came and asked him for proof of insurance.  He didn’t have it so they gave him a ticket.  When he couldn’t pay the fine they put him in jail. 

The jailer told him that because he broke the law he had to pay for his stay in jail.  When he couldn’t do that he was told he couldn’t leave till he did.

When he died he went to hell.  Conditions were so bad there that he died again and went to a deeper darker hell where conditions were worse and was never seen or heard of again.

Yes my friends it’s time for change, major change……amen…!!!!

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