No, I’m not talking about body parts.  I’m talking about ADJUSTABLE RATE MORGAGE. 

When I first heard of that I said, “sucker play”.  Who ever heard of an adjustable rate morgage going down.  It is nothing more than a scam to make the rich richer.  We hear about how morgage companies pushed arms’s over fixed rates and about well laid traps.

It’s monopoly on a grand scale.  Suck people into loans, called “sub-prime” knowing that when the rates went up the banks would end up with all the profits and control of properties.  Where was Obama?  Where is Obama?

It is a scheme to do one thing make the rich richer and give them control.

Then along comes the plutocrat’s Bo Jangles.  His daddy was a muslim.  He gets a noble peace prize while conducting and escalating a war.  He doesn’t get out like he said he would then gives the filty rich a tax break.  What’s wrong with this picture?

The insurance plutocrats, emboldened by compulsary auto insurance try to do the same thing with health insurance.  Two federal judges say no.  Two say yes.  What a mess.  If the judges can’t agree what’s next?

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