Just got done reading Huffington Post.  Bo-Jangles sez:  American companies have a “responsibility” to hire American workers and pay them a decent wage.  Talk is cheap.  Get rid of the Mexicans that have been imported and tie minimum wage to the cost of living.  Never gonna’ happen. What a good song and dance man he is for the plutocrats.

Why is it, if un-employment is so high is the government still issueing work visa’s ?  (Un-ooh, there’s a knock at the door.  Questions are not permitted.)

I saw a video yesterday, I thought was on HP about eight Houston, Tex. cops beating the shit out of a fifteen year old kid down on the ground.  Never under estimate the power of a pack of thugs. (Like in Eygpt as in America the police are terrorist and thugs)

Eight guys with guns and badges pounding someone who is trying to surrender.  Really brave.  Maybe four of the eight got discharged.  Today the video is no where to be found.  Magin’ dat.  Censor ship in a free society?

A federal judge had banned it’s release but it got out some how.  They’ll claim the cops can’t get a fair trial.  The kid on the ground didn’t get a fair trial.

Anyone who thinks there is “justice” in the imperial courts is a fool.  If  a judge can decide your defense and/or case for you……ha, ha, ha.

What’s good for Mubarak is good for Obama.  A perfect storm is brewing in America.

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