Obama is an African American.  To say that is to totaly deny his white half.  Technically he is a “mulato”.  He was fathered by a black Muslim from Africa.  His middle name is the same as Saddam Husien.

The “dark dick syndrome” says that whites have dominated for so long that anyone of color with a hint of intelligence is worshipped as a God.  There was a book in the fiftie’s, titled Mandingo.

Seems the master was diddling the slaves so his wife decided to take revenge and ordered a big black buck to fuck her.  His name was Mandingo.  She got pregnant.  They killed the baby then him.  What this is called is Mandingo’s revenge.  Or the triumph of the dark dick syndrome.

I’ll exercise my constituional right to freedom of expression and call him “Bo-Jangles”.  The plutocrats song and dance man.  In slave times there were two kinds.  The field kind and the house kind.  Which one do you think he is?  As  soon as he gets in he gets the nobel peace prize for doing  nothing.  I smell a rat here.


Nuther major lie going round.  I distinctly remember posting on my site that Israel had banned Arab political parties.  You can vote but only for the parties that they allow you to vote for.

The U.S. is a democracy:

They only allow you to vote on the things that don’t count.  When did we vote for S. Florida to become North Cuba?  When did we vote for S. Calif. to become N. Mexico.


A propaganda lie mouthed by boy George when he was in office.  It was a part of a well orchestrated scheme to enrich the rich at the expense of the poor.  It began with the adjustable rate morgage.  People were sucked in.  Other people became filthy rich.  The housing bubble needed more homes and people could make more profit with cheap labor. (Next bubble:  Food, Thanx to Wall St.)

We weren’t asked to vote on it but twelve million desperately poor people were allowed in by the government to help suppress wages.  It’s not that Americans don’t want to work, it’s not worth working.  That is carefully orchestrated by the rich.


Did ya’ hear?  Sudan like Kosovo has seceeded from the North (read succeeded)  That’s good.  Maybe Lincoln was a criminal and the S. had every right in the world (What is self determination?) to seperate if they wanted to.  If they didn’t then niether does Sudan or Kosovo.  Can’t have it both ways.


This is not a democracy, there is no justice in the courts and freedom of expression is not allowed.  What do we have?  A totalitarian police state for the benifit of the rich.


Is treason committed against the American people by it’s own government.  When that happens the goverment abdicates it’s moral authority to govern.  Immigration has three parts:  A.  Suppress wages.  B.  Create new markets.  Sell a lot of auto insurance. C. Stack the voting block.  Grant them amnesty and they’ll vote Democratic for ever and ever.

I heard an item on the news the other day, citizenship being awarded to soldiers in Afghanistan.  If the draft is brought back will illegals be subject to it.  Do you want to die in Afghanistan so a Mexican can have a job in America ?

The population has grown by a hundred million since the sixties.  Almost all of that has been fueled by the immigrants with higher birth rates.  What it means is more compitiion for your children and precious resources.  In 1968 I gave a speech in speech class calling for a legal limit of two kids per couple.  I gaurantee you the chickens will come home to roost on that one but no one will call me a visionary.

The real un-employment rate is probably closer to twenty percent. (Eliminate food stamps and the revolution would begin in the morning)  Why is the government granting work visa’s to foriegners? 


Everyone knows that ethics are swept under the rug for political expediencey.  Means they look the other way when the bad guy serves thier interest.  Gordon Brown, (or was it Tony Blair) Berlesconi, and Dick Cheney who made  himself almost as rich as Hosni Mubarak are apologist in bed with him.   But then a lot of people apologized for Hitler.


For the sake of arguement suppose the Jews were trying to take over behind the scenes and Hitler was trying to save Europe from them.  That’d put a whole different spin on history.

If you ask me I have believed for a long time that who ever runs the U.S. runs Israel or vice versa.  What ever happens to Americans should be decided in America, not in a synagoge (spelling?) in Israel.  Oh, yes I spoke pesonally with God last night and he sed: that the Jews are lying about him giving them the land.  No more settlements period.  Allah Akbar


Is a Jewish program to mongoralize the races so they emerge as the pure master race.  Wanna’ see “real” change.  Have orthodox Jews swap wives with black Muslims for a year at a time.


When lesbians start inviting me to three somes I’ll begin to consider it.  As for the boys, when it goes in the front hole to make babies, I call it marriage.  When it goes in the back hole to pack fudge I call it a civil union.  You can call it what you want. Let me point out here I am not sitting in judgement about gender confusion.  I can’t say I haven’t packed some fudge myself from time to time.


You think this is a democracy.  Try voting to change the definition of driving from a privelege (that’s something you grant to children and prisoners, not free people)  The  privelege of driving is what you reward the Mexicans with for breaking the law.  If that’s the way it works what can I expect for breaking the law, jail.  They now charge you for your stay cause your a bad guy who broke one of the numerous, complicated rules by misstake or desperation.  Jails are big business now. Can’t make money if they’re empty. It’s a sad commentary when going to jail is a step up.  The only question is will I be in long enuff to get some dental work done?

The only question left for America is will the Mexicans accept Islam.  Things could get very nasty.


If that’s so, why do we have to pay for health insurance.  Eliminate the insurance companies all together.  Take the profit out of holding people hostage by thier health.


Kill two birds with one stone, when you catch an illegal don’t send them home, send them to Afghanistan.


Seat belts save lives.  So does abortion, alcohol and nicotene.  A womans right to choose is so sacred she can choose to murder her un-born child but let you decide not to wear a seat belt, that’s a crime.


Traffic courts are kangaroo courts.  Everybody is guilty of something in the imperial courts.  On the ticket it sez they’re fair and impartial.  Cops are given qoutas and are paid to write tickets.  That alone is enuff to impeach the integrity of thier un-substantieated allegations.  The judge sez: we send them out there to do a job so we need to accept thier testimony.  What is a license to lie.  If I don’t show up I go to jail.  If the guy who was paid to write a ticket doesn’t show up in a “fair” court, what happens to him.  Nothing.  I got to lose more time and money taking off from work.  If that’s fair all I got to say is, good luck Bin Laden.

Unnnh-ooohh, the house is surrounded by police and someone is knocking on the door,  Oh-no, tear gas.




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