On Huffington Post there was an item about Afghanistan that read,  ROADS, LAWS, COPS.  It was about road building in Afghnistan.  What it failed to mention what comes next……tickets and profits for insurance companies.  In the story it said that a mile of gravel road costs the U.S. Taxpayer, $350, 300.  Magin’ dat.  I live on less than $8,000 dollars a year. 

In Bahrain, the King and our good buddy gun down peaceful protesters.  Troops are dieing in Afghanistan to promote democracy.  How bout supporting democracy there.  The question is how many other non-democracies do we look the other way for?   And why?

To add fuel to the fire the U.S. vetoes the the security council resolution condeming the illegal Israely settlements

Dance, bo-Jangles like the clown that you are.  The plutocrats and the Jews are probably one and the same.  What’s good for Mubarak is good for Obama

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