Why is Israel aid exempt? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English#

Why is Israel aid exempt? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English#.

This is a must read.  Money is being slashed from programs for the poor left and right yet the Israeli lobby has republican freshman signing a letter pledging not to even discuss cutting the three billion dollar aid package.

The Jews obviously have not learned the lesson of Hitler and really need to be brought to thier knees.  The U.S. could make the settlements stop in the morning if they had the political will to do so.  We hear over and over the Jews are, our friends.  Who sez?  Not I.

Why is the Isreali nuclear bomb and centrifuges never discussed in the media?  Why doesn’t Israel sign the non proliferation treaty?  How about open borders for Israel?  How about the right of return for the Palestinians.  Israel is doomed as it should be.

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