The Chinese have tested thier stealth fighter again.  On the news it said China would surpass the U.S. as the world biggest economy by 2016, and they have begun divesting themselves of American debt……the handwriting is on the wall.

Then there is……Barack Obama senior

Ever hear  this….white women and black men play into each others game.  Her motive is rebellion…nobody gonna tell me what to do. His is agression…gonna’ get your woman.

Did Stanley as an act of defiance jump in bed with the first dark dick she encountered?  Was marrying him a deliberate move against her family and thier social values?  Did Obama lie to his future mother in-law?  Was he a bygamist who commited statutory rape and bed Stanley while she was still seventeen?

Was the presidents daddy a Muslim?  Was the president born a Muslim?

The shame of it all.  Ya think we could pick someone with a more respectable background.

Obama is not……IS NOT…. an African American.  To say that totaly ignores his mother’s side.  Technically speaking he is a mulatto.

For AA’s to identify with him is totaly ludicrous.  He was born into privelege, a white family raised him.  To equate that with AA’s who came up thru slavery and segregation is foolish.  Not the same trip at all.

…….then why ?

I remember watching TV the night he was elected.  There was a little black boy who said….black like me.   What is racism?  To vote for him because he is black like you is like a lesbian going to hear Melissa Etheridge ’cause she’s a lesbian.

For black people to accuse white people of…so called racism, is the pot calling the kettle black

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