Never in my life have I witnessed such hysteria over so little.  People were panicking left and right.  The good news is it was a boost to the economy.  the liqour store was busy as could be.  The clerk even suggested we need more of the same.  It’s good for business.

Then there was the constant bleating of the media that the world was coming to an end.  Over and over they kept chanting the mantra.  It’s dangeous, get out.  The govenor chimed in with, get the hell off the beaches.  The police over re-acted.  Asbury Park, N.J. had a curfew till 9 A.M. Mon. morning.

I was watching T.V.  The reporter was saying he was the only one on the beach because it was extremely dangerous (but not for him)  Just then a couple of old ladies out for an evening stroll walked by and blew his scene.  He said they shouldn’t be out there.

When they tell you it’s for your own safety, you tell them that you  are capable of taking care of yourself without their help.

I personaly did aboslutely nothing to prepare for the hurricane.  And absolutely nothing happened

The capitalist capitalized on it.  The media wanted it for ratings and what you saw was the naked power of the police state.

It is shocking how easily people can be stampeed.  This does not bode well for the future

It’s true, the king does NOT have any clothes on.

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