ref; Seat Belt Racket Explodes in Beach Towns Face

Aug 16, 2011

On Sept 5, 2011 my daughter handed me a summons with a court date on it for Sept 1, 2011.  I was mortified.  In all my life I had only missed one other court date out of many, many appearances.

According to the document it was mailed Aug 5, 2011.  It should not have taken more than two or three days to reach me. 

Trouble is the ex-wife showed up from Calif.  We don’t get along so I avoid the house, where I get my mail.  I had called the nanny and put her on hi-alert to watch for a summons.

In spite of my best effort the summons did not reach me in time.  I wonder what happened to it?  Ask my daughter.

Anyway now I’m in a bind because I suspect they have issued a warrent for my arrest for failure to appear.  I went to the Allenhurst borough office and discovered that the judge instead of issuing a warrent for my arrest gave me a continuence until Sept 15, 2011.


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