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Earlier this week I contacted the “Special” prosecutor’s office in Freehold, N.J. to file a complaint against the officer who threatened to arrest me for disorderly conduct for talking to the prosecutor.  I spoke with a Pat DePetro.  I did not have some information with me at the time so I told him when I got it I’d call him back.  Three days and three phone calls later he has yet to respond.  Guess he’s busy with more important stuff.  Either that or he trying to avoid trying one of their own.

(I had attempted to get a lawyer on my own, a Jules Rossi who initially didn’t return my calls but eventually put me in touch with his assoc.  Padua?  Who’s attitude sucked and didn’t return calls.  What lawyer does?  If they did, something might happen)

So I make an appearance in court.  I didn’t see the officer but when I talked to the prosecutor he was there standing right next to him, listening to everything I had to say.

No chance of a private conversation here, like the one he had with the judge.  Here’s an interesting note….the prosecutor/city attorney can not be contacted outside of court.  He doesn’t recieve calls.  What’s that about?  Kinda’ convient for them.  The internet has thrown a monkey wrench into their operations.  When it use to be a phone call they could deny saying something.  When e-mails came along they couldn’t deny saying something…so now they don’t take e-mails.  Helps them lie.

I tell the prosecutor that I’ll change my plea to guilty if the judge suspends the fine on hard ship grounds like he did the last time.  He wants to talk to the cop in private of course.  He then comes to me and sez:  the cop wants me to pay the fine.  I ask him since when is that decision up to the cop.  Who decides that, the cop or the judge?

Anyway we wait till the last for our trial.  I again offer to plead guilty for a suspended sentence.  Thge judge sez he’ll agree if I pay a minimum fine.  I ask him what it is but he won’t tell me.  Wonder why not?  Is this a card game.  I agree.  Then I give my speech, I’m sixty seven, no criminal record, no points on my license.  In the three to four years I’ve lived in AP I’ve been stopped thirty or forty times, six of those in Allenhurst (which is only five blocks wide)  the judge interrupts me and says he doesn’t care about being a good citizen. (Why not?  Not important?)  He is impressed by being on food stamps and gives me an eighteen dollar fine plus thirty three for court costs for a total of fifty one.

I kept asking the prosecutor the name of the officer who threatened me in his office.  He couldn’t remember who it was (Did he…forget?) and asked me to point him out,  but he was never there when I looked.  He’s a lieing sack of shit.  He knows exactly who I was asking for.

There was only one officer who was not in uniform.  He knows who it was but didn’t want to say.  Pat DePetro must have contacted them.  Now they close ranks to protect there own.

When I went to sign up to pay the fine.  The judge was there.  I asked him the name of the officer.  He didn’t know who I was talking about.  They will when I get his badge.  They  can then pretend that they don’t know that.

I check with the police downstairs.  The officer’s name is detective LaPerri

As I mentioned in a previous post  I had told the judge dementia is a medical condition not a criminal act. I predicted he would not remember.  I asked, he didn’t.  Did you forget?  Like I forgot to put on my seat belt.  The whole bunch of them conviently suffer from mental amenesia.

I read the other day that America has a legal system, not a justice system.  The truth of the matter is that the bourough of Allenhurst is subsidizing the life style of the rich by feeding off the traffic stream that flows thru their five blocks.  Like a spider web catching and victimizing so many people.  this is a crime in and of itself.  If not that then certaintly an injustice.  the truth is the police are no better than legal thieves.

There must have been fifty or sixty people in court.  Look at the population of Allenhurst and who gets tickets?  More ticket are written to outsiders than the population of Allenhurst.  Flat out racketeering.  Reason for a revolution.

There were poor Mexican’s who had a couple of beers then have their lives ruined because now they can’t drive to get to work.  What are they supposed to do?  How do they survive, and have to pay a thousand dollar fine on top of it not to mention increased insurance cost?

How bout the young black chic with a child who was driving on a suspended license because she had to work.  Who is the real criminal?  Who is destroyiung lives to help keep the taxes low on the rich people’s lavish life style?


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