Note:  I read, I think it was the Drudge report that a jail in Calif. wants to charge prisoners a hundred and forty three dollars a day to stay.  Comes out to about fifty two thousand plus a year.  I live on a little under eight thousand a year.  Commentors said that it is already happening in , was it Tenn. and W. Va.

Here’s a little story bout dat:

Once there was a guy who was so poor he lived in his car.  Then they passed a law requireing mandatory auto ins.  Two things, he was too poor to afford it and they wouldn’t give it to him anyway because he didn’t have an address.  So he went and parked his car in the woods and lived in it for a long time.

Then one day they passed a health care law that required everyone to purchase health insurance.  When he couldn’t do that they came and arrested him and put him in jail…where he was told he had to pay to stay and he couldn’t leave till he did.

He died in jail and went to hell, where conditions were so bad he died again and went to a deeper darker hell where he was never heard from again.

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