My daughter has a shore house in a small town in NJ.  The nieghbor is a local lawyer.  He showed up while I was there. Sometime before I had called him to tell him about the trouble I had in Allenhurst.  He didn’t return my phone call.  I saw him and told him I would e-mail him a link to my Word Press Blog so he could read it.  I asked him if he had read it.  He had not.  I made the statement to him that the law was not accesible to me.

His reply was…”to you”.  Well yes to me.  Isn’t it suppose to be accessible to everyone, including me.  As if some how it was O.K. that it wasn’t accessible to me.  Is he implying I’m not important.  This is the same guy who wouldn’t spend twenty dollars on one of my books because he doesn’t buy books.  But he does have a couple of cars including a Cadilac Escalade.

The deal with that is if they spend money they confirm that what you did has value.  If they wish to degrade you they can’t do that.  You know something they don’t

Turns out he’s running for local office, then he give’s an academy award performance and gets real serious. (I think he was practicing)  He tells me it’s, very, very important that I tell my daughter and son in law to register to vote.

What an asshole.  He degrades me and shits all over me then reduces me to his messenger boy.

Out of touch with reality

This is a variation on something I’ve known for years…they’ll pay me to sweep a floor or clean a toilet but won’t even look at my art let alone buy something.

The nieghbor lady on the other side won’t look at my art but makes it a point to let me know she bought someone elses.

In Charleston a bar tender threw an “artist party” so he could insult me by not inviting me.

I traveled three thousand miles to L.A. but my sister wouldn’t travel thirty miles to see me in many, many years.  She then traveled three thousand miles and didn’t bother to see me.  Yet she wants to list me as her brother on a family tree.

They can’t stand you up till they agree to meet you.  They can’t fire you till they hire you.

Wimmen are good at this.  They imply you may get something if your good enuff to me long enuff.  But we all know that the second you do something to displease them.

Nothing from nothing is nothing

It’s all about the same thing, degradation.  The need to degrade is born in in-adequacy.  They’re jealous and threatened.  Real talent is a real threat

Jealousy of creative talent is a mean green thing.

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