……..goes to people’s heads  They become drunk on it..  The less they have of it the more anxious they are to exercise it, like the parking lot attendant or the Haitian working for Big Mac who makes you wait while he helps an employee.

Ever watch crossing guards closely.  Once I was approaching a cross street.  I could see the guard talking to someone in a car.  Suddenly she rushed out in front of me and stopped me so presumably her friend could run the stop sign.

Last week I was approaching a cross street.  I had the green light.  A woman was crossing on my side of the street.  the guard was on the other side.  She came out into the street and stopped me even tho I had the green so the woman could cross.  That’s aiding and abetting the crime of jay walking.  I questioned another crossing guard about it and he said they were not supposed to do that.

The woman crossed was up on the side walk and about twenty feet away.  I start to inch forward.  The guard see’s me and puts the sign higher.  I have the green, the woman has passed and is moving down the side walk and this guard is bound and determine to make me stop, no matter what.


I drove around her.  She said she was gonna’ take my license down.

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