Wells Fargo Bank has decided to charge a five dollar fee for useing your debit card.  I was going to change banks anyway as part of my avoiding driving plan…so I went to a small bank in Ocen Grove, NJ because I could walk to it.


Offered 2.15% interest on your checking providing you used your card to make a purchase ten times within a month.  They didn’t charge a fee to use your card and refunded the fee if you used it where a fee was charged…providing of course for the ten swipes per month.

I don’t trust banks and had an acct cleaned out one time so ususally I take the money out when it comes in.  2.15% Interest was chicken feed anyway, so I signed up.

On Nov 3rd, one week after I opened the account I recieved a notice from them…it read;

ATTENTION: Age 50 plus checking customers

The terms of Providents’s Age 50 Plus checking account requires that you maintain a minimum average daily balance of $1,000 in any combination of Provident deposit accounts in order to avoid the $10 monthly balance penalty fee.  For quite some time, we have waived this fee.  Please be aware that this extended fee waiver grace period will end on Oct. 31, 2011.  After that time, the balance requirements of your Provident Age 50 plus checking account will be reinstated.

What they’ve done is waited till it was to late to quite, then robbed me of $10.  If I went and tried to withdraw my $50 acct opening amount, they would say I owe them $10.  It doesn;t matter to them that they didn’t let you know till it was too late.

Now what they are telling me is that they want a $120. a year for the privelege of banking with them.

Flat out right treachery and deciet.   I have a suprise in store for them.

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