I met my first one years ago.   I was traveling in bound on the S. Pasadena Freeway in Los Angeles.  As I passed the interchange I was stopped by a motorcyle cop who said he had been following me in bound on the Hollywood Freeway.  Why he waited till I was almost at the 6th St exit on the S. bound Harbor Freway is still a  mystery to me to this day.

I told him it couldn’t be me I wasn’t even on the Hollywood Freeway.  He ran a check and found a ten dollar parking ticket.  I was arrested and taken to jail. They got qoutas you know so they write as many tickets as possible. I only had seven dollars in my pocket and had to wait for a friend to come bail me out.

My next encounter was in Hollywood, Calif.  I homeless and living in a car.  I had stopped to talk to someone on Hollywood Blvd. and had parked in a red zone because I was only going to be there a minute.

I saw two foot patrol officers walking down the street towards me.  I didn’t want a ticket so I jumped into my car. Before I could pull away from the curb they flashed a light at me. While they ran a check on me I sat in the car.

I had just had some transmission work done.  The mechanic did not re-connect the parking brake.  To keep the car from rolling backwards I had my foot on the brake.  It faded a little and the car rolled backwards.

The officer came and asked me what was wrong.  I explained the situation.  They had me get out of the car and called for a tow truck.  I was homeless.  Everything I owned was in the car.  I would now be on the streets with absolutely nothing.  It was a female and a male cop.  They laffed.  They thought it was funny to put me on the streets.  Let there be a curse on them.

You know how to identify in-adequate human failures.  There the ones with the guns an badges on.


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