Oncc there was a young man who wanted to know the truth.  He heard of a wise man who lived in a cave on a mountain who might know something.  He climbed the mountain and found him. He said, I want to know the truth.  The old guy pointed out to the ocean and said “the truth is out there’.

He went down off the mountain and stood on the  shore looking out.  A sail boat passed by.  He thought to himself…that’s what I need.  He went to a town, got a job and worked until he had enuff money for a boat.  He loaded it up with supplies and sailed away.

He sailed back and forth thru all kinds of weather.  When he ran out of supplies he went to a town, got a job, bought more supplies and went back out.  This went on for a couple of years. 

Finally he docked the boat and returned to the man on the mountain.  He told him, ….there’s nothing out there.  The old guy replied….that’s the truth

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