In traffic court the judge sed I was a “liege of the court”.  Strange nobody mentioned and/or asked me about that.  I now consider myself a “soviergn citizen”.

As such I am concerned about the concept of “privelege”.  A privelege is something that prisoners or children are rewarded with.  A soviergn can grant the right to govern, and conversely withdraw that privelege.

Every state in the union defines driving as a privelege.  The question begs;  Why would we the people limit ourselves and define a necessity as a privelege? Don’t add up does it?  Why would we do that to ourselves?  The answer is; control.  Why would we want to control ourselves?  The answer is, we don’t but someone else does.

Our government tells us that driving is a privelege then rewards the illegal alien who broke the law to invade our home with the “PRIVELEGE” of driving.  Breeds disrespect and contempt for the law.  Do they now expect the person they rewarded for breaking the law will now become grateful, see the light and do right?  (A judge once accussed me of being in contempt of court.  I told him, don’t take it personal, I’m in contempt of all courts)

If I got rewarded for breaking the law, I’d go back for a second helping.  Why would anyone expect them now to be productive law abiding citizens?  The incentive is for more crime.

As a citizen I look at that and then say….well…..!!!  if they’re gonna’ reward him for something illegal I wonder what I can get for breaking the law?

The system has an achiles heel.  If we the people can make the laws, we can change them.  A focused, targeted campaign to do one thing, strike the word “privelege”,  from the driving manuals and leave it blank.  Don’t replace it with anything.

The whole system would collapse.  They’d scream we gotta’ replace it with something.  The reply would be,



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