BUSTED AGAIN (in Allenhurst, N.J.)

Note:  The Bourough of Allenhurst, N.J. is only five blocks wide.  In those five blocks I have been stopped six times by police, resulting in two “no seat belt” tickets.  Seven if you count the stop in the next town of Loch Arbour.  That is an amazing number of stops for such a small town.  I must be a one man crime wave.

That is a statistical anomally that is prima facea evidence of profiling, especially since I am sixty eight years old with absolutely no criminal history and no points on my license.  What are they afraid of ?  Reality and the truth that the rich are living off the poor.  When asked why I marched with Occupy Wall St. my reply is Allenhurst, N.J.  A macrocosm of everything that is wrong with America.

A check in the local weekly, The Coaster under police blotter for Allenhurst, N.J. reveals that nobody in Allenhurst gets tickets just poor people passing thru.  Sorta’ like a spiders web.  You can sit at the corner of Coorlies and Ocean all day long watching these guys writing tickets as fast as they can.  See post:  Racketeering Aug 16, 2011 Beach towns are notorius for milking the traffic.  It is a sad day indeed for America when you realize the police are thieves as much as the guy who holds his gun to your head.


I had a doctors appointment with the V.A. in Red Bank for a regular check up on June 13, 2012.  Because I am a “cop magnet” and get so many tickets I stopped driving…so I borrowed my son-in-law’s car.  It was at his brothers house in Allenhurst.

The morning of Wed. June 13, 2012 I rode my bike over to the house on Coorlies and parked it in the back yard.  Got the car and went to my doctors appointment @ 1 p.m. When I returned it was raining.  Rather than ride home in the rain I drove the car to my place and parked it over night.

I had forgotten to get something I needed (paper) in Red Bank when I was there….soo…!!! on the morning of the 14th I drove up to Red Bank, aquired what I needed and returned to Allenhurst by way of Long Branch, N.J. where I got out a photographed some murals then drove on.

When I got to the house I parked the car in front and went into the back yard to retrieve my bicyle.  It had fallen over.  I walked it back out front and parked it next to the car.  I opened the car and removed some trash and placed it in a trash can by the side of the house.  I went back to the car and took out the pad of paper I had purchased at the art supply store, put it and my fanny pack into the basket on the back of my bike, closed the door and left.  I headed E. towards the ocean on Coorlies.

At the end of the block was a police woman on a bicyle.  She had what appeared to be a chalk stick, used for marking cars to determine if they had over parked.  She turned around to look at me.  I thought to myself, “She looks like she wants to bust me.” I had done nothing wrong, so was not concerned.

Bingo, hit the nail on the head.  Not two mins. and a half block later Ofc. Scamperino of the Allenhurst P.D. pulls up next to me and asks me to stop, which I did.  About the same time another Allenhurst, P.D. pulls up across the street.  Then the woman police officer joins them.

Seems she saw me take something out of a car.  Which I did, the paper I had just purchased and my fanny pack which I placed in the carrying crate I had attached to my bicycle. Strange she didn’t see me throw something in the trash.

Where did I live?  Why was I there?  What was I doing?  They took my license and ran a check then let me go but not before I told ofcr. Scamporino that I was a “cop magnet” and asked him for his name.

Now one might say they were just doing their job.  They were bored and were anxious to imagine crime where no crime took place.  Examine the crime stats for that town.  For such a small town they have a large police force and generate a lot of income off the poor suckers passing thru to subsidize the opulent life style of the rich. Not to mention police who provide themselves a job and pension at the expense of the poor That is why I marched with OWS. The rich feeding off the poor.

In and of itself it doesn’t seem like much till you see the bigger picture.  One person stopped six times in a town five blocks wide is a statistical anomaly ( a one man crime wave).  Essentially meaning, there is a reason for it. The reason is, “profiling”.  I don’t look like the rich people who live there.

To see the “bigger” picture and put this into context see post:

Racketeering, Aug 16, 2011

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