De-criminalize Culture
Call off your dogs, bullies and cultural fascist
Not sure of the exact date, probably a couple of weeks ago.  I was doing my performance art piece the “Last Hippy” which I am famous for down on the Asbury Park Boardwalk.
When bang along come the culture cops.  They had a complaint.  Even tho I had talked to both Terrence Riedy and police chief Kinmon and warned them about “false accusations” (based on past experience)  such as someone saying I was grabbing people etc.  The first time it happened, here they come. This illustrates the “lack of communication” between city hall and boots on the board.
First to approach me was “Bongo Billy” the near ape.  An eighteen year old wannabe summer cop.  He claimed they had a complaint.  I asked him, how do you know they weren’t lying and/or had ulterior motive ?  No answer.
First thing he does is assume a threatening posture.  As if somehow a 69 year old senior citizen was some sort of threat.  He had balls cause he had five guys behind him and three more showed up with guns.
Let me catch him alone in an alley some night and we’ll find out who is real.
He did two things that were wrong.  He told me to put away my camera.(and my sign)  The public has a right to film public servants, doing public work in public places.  This officer is ignorant of the law.
Note: *  There are two things to pay attention to in this video.  You can hear the lady say, she did not see any performance art.  Wrong, you were looking directly at it.  If you didn’t recognize it as such does not mean I committed a crime. It just means your short sighted.
Second, on the ground is the sign that sez:  guilt  FREE SEX.  If it was illegal and/or wrong something should have been sed at this time.  It was not.  Two weeks later another cop tries to tell me to put it away.  If it was wrong the second time it should have been wrong the first time.  Does it depend on which particular officer decides it’s a crime?  Should there be a uniform application of the law or does each officer get to interpret the law the way they want and/or depending on their mood?
(Two years ago an officer Campos asked me if I thought it was o.k. to have that sign out.  He then confiscated it, a prop to my performance piece. A direct interference with my constitutional right to freedom of expression I told chief Kinmon about it.  He expressed regret.)
The second time when I refused to put away the perfectly legitimate sign the officer reverted to threat and intimidation saying that if I didn’t obey his illegal order he would charge me with disturbing the peace, arrest me and confiscate my camera.  At that time the man who complained was standing there and sed: 
“I would have thrown you off the boardwalk”.  When I pointed out to the officer that was a “terrorist threat” he sed, he didn’t hear it.  Convenient and illegal.
The man’s complaint was his son saw the sign that sed, guilt FREE SEX.  First off, what’s wrong with that? The word sex?  Were at the beach.  Everywhere you look wimmen are walking around half naked, There tits and butts hanging out for all the world to see and your afraid your son will be corrupted by the word SEX.  You don’t have to look at it.  You can choose to look away.
Because someone doesn’t have a sense of humor doesn’t mean I committed a crime.  One out of a thousand complain and the police act on the one complaint.  Who are they that they can decide for everyone else.  It poses the question, who gets to decide who sez what?
The previous complaint was about the sign that sed:  WIFE WANTED,  Sew, clean, cook, good in bed.  Thousands of people walk past me and don’t’ complain.  Many people pay me to have their picture taken with the signs.  The most popular is the FREE SEX sign.  Taking that away is restraint of trade.  A direct interference with my right to freedom of expression.
I was told that if I refused to put away my sign I’d be charged with disturbing the peace.  How could a piece of cardboard laying on the ground be disturbing the peace in the midst of thousands of people walking by.
Creative law enforcement maybe.  Can the APPD make up any lie they want?  They can and they do.
Because someone doesn’t have a sense of humor does not mean I committed a crime. 
This officer (and the other one) are ignorant of the law and suffer from defective logic.  They should not be in the position of being able to put someone in jail.  They should not be hired back next year.  I intend to file complaints against them.
While I’m on the subject the trouble with the boardwalk is the police.  One store owner called them douche bags.  Some of them are in-mature, in-adequate and are bored silly.  They create crime where crime doesn’t exist.  They are killing the boardwalk.  The city is shooting itself in the foot.
Last year after thirteen years the drum circle was shut down because:  people were forced to walk on the grass.  Not true at all.  Visit You-tube.  Channel artsliberationfront and/or Capt Flash.  Post Congo Square North 7/10/12.  It clearly shows people freely passing ten minutes before being shut down.  Why was there no attempt to manage traffic?
This year the drum circle is on the grass.  What changed?  Some one told me the police ran people off the grass down by Mogo Tacos.
This is not an isolated incident but an on-going continuing pattern.
August 12, 2011:  The performers ordinance is un-constitutional. They forgot to put in the key phrase “for monetary gain”.  In the year they celebrated musical heritage they outlawed culture and don’t even know it.
Nov 8, 2011  Asbury Park is bad news for visitors.
May 23, 2012  Bamboozled again.  I’m checked to make sure I have underwear on and accused of touching someone with a feather.
July 11, 2012 City council meeting
July 31, 2012 Wrong thinking.  Don’t run off the free entertainment.
Aug 21, 2012  The city is in denial about the war on culture.
The only thing on the boardwalk for visitors is the water park, the miniature golf and the silver ball museum.
The “FREE ENTERTAINMENT” is the only thing that gives character and something for visitors to enjoy.
I’ve performed all over the U.S.  Visit: for background.
Here I am at Mallory Square in Key West, Florida with the FREE SEX sign.  If it’s legal there, why isn’t it legal here?
 Visit You-Tube
Capt Flash
Cultural Fascism
Lawyers and/or interested parties
Capt Flash
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