A recent item in the news;  A stripper made $3,347 in one night



(The “art” of revenge)

Once there was a very attractive girl with well developed breasts.  She was very popular.  Everyone wanted to be her friend.  She was invited to all the parties.   When she went to the ball it was warm, the lights sparkled there were smiles and laughter all around.

While the music played inside, outside, standing by himself in the cold was an artist.  He wasn’t very attractive.  Actually he was cold, broke, dirty and hungry.  No one paid any attention to him.  Under his arm were some drawings he was trying to sell to get something to eat.  There were no takers.

The years passed by.  Her beauty, like a flower began to fade  Her large, ample breasts began to sag.  Younger, prettier women began to get more attention than her.

She caught her husband with another woman, her boyfriend with another man.

He on the other hand continued to draw.  He did this for forty years with little or no recognition.  It was a long, hard, cold, difficult existence.  Sometimes he was so lonely he wondered if he existed.  He was so ignored he thought he was invisible.  the up side was he had a lot of time to practice.

Thru perseverance, hard work and dedication, slowly his work improved, modest sales began.

When she got out of re-hab for the third time they met at an exhibition.  She thought his work was beautiful.  She bought some, then tried to seduce him.

He felt sorry for her so he went to bed with her but was turned off by her flabby breasts that hung to her stomach.




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