The Lake



Once there was a lake in the land of lakes in Minnesota. It was an especially pretty lake with sandy beaches, grass and shade trees.


Everybody loved the lake and came from miles around…2 enjoy the lake.  Cook, eat, drink.  Watch the kids splash in the water.  Some people walked out onto the dock.  Others went out on boats for pleasure or to fish.


One day an artist came along.  He was an artist and wanted to know the truth.  He wanted to know and experience the lake in it’s fullest.




He swam out to the middle and dived to the bottom which was about twenty feet down.


He bit the bottom of the lake..and immediately began violently retching.  He just barely made it back to the surface alive.  Some people pulled him into a boat and he was rushed to the hospital.


He was in intensive care for three days and  another week before he went home to re-cuperate for a month.


He returned to the lake, swam to the center, dived to the bottom…but…!!! DID NOT BITE the bottom.  Instead he swam to the surface.


He had bit the bottom.  He now knew the lake better than most.  He had learned his lesson and didn’t need to be told twice.

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