Not 2B confused with the other “B” word frequently used to refer to a female dog.  Saying one “B” word followed by the other “B” word is totally un-acceptable.  A real social faux pau.

I was un-informed about what the controversy was.  So I asked a female reporter for the local (so called)alternative press.

She said it was about women in a position of authority being viewed as pushy and aggressive by male subordinates.   Male supervisors were not called that when they were pushy and aggressive, hence the bias and discrimination.

I read something that it inhibits and intimidates younger women from reaching their full potential.

I have said this B4, the speech police are the thought police in disguise.  When someone is allowed to decide what words another person uses they can structure the argument in their favor.

If someone can decide what words I use can I decide what words they use?  Who gets 2 decide who gets 2 say what, when and how?

Out in California in Berkley, the heart of the free speech movement in the 60’ and 70’s “illegal alien” is banned in favor of “un-documented worker”.  I read somewhere that a woman asked the term illegal immigrant be dropped in favor of un-documented worker.  then she asked, “please”.  I asked her to “please” go home. Se didn’t listen so…nor do I.

How about “myate nueve”? Or cheap foreign labor and/or SCAB labor? How about mojados or wets?  Do we ban those also?  How many words do we ban? George Orwell said:  freedom of expression is when you can say things people don’t like.

I do a street performance art number called the “last hippy”.  A woman called the police and complained about my sign that said….wife wanted, sew, clean. cook, good in bed.

I was run off the boardwalk because of another sign I had.  Said:  Guilt Free Sex.  Guilt was in small letters.  Over the years when people want their picture taken with me it has been by far and away my most popular sign. 

Thousands of people walk by and nobody complains.  One person decides they don’t like it so I can’t show it.  Who is this person to decide for everyone else?  Better yet, they didn’t have to look at it.  They can choose to look the other way.

Suppose that we allowed everyone to choose the words that they want to express an opinion instead of everybody trying to decide what other people can say.  If you fail to tolerate (respect) my right to pick and choose my own words then you abdicate your right to respect.

Remember, the speech police are the thought police in disguise.






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